Professional Install

We have designed our eco system to be easy to install and setup, but we know some people may need a helping hand. Right now we offer Installation service in the Phoenix Metro Area and expanding to other areas.

Not in the Phoenix area?

Don't worry, our customer support team will be able to walk you though every step of the way.

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Not in the Phoenix area?

Frequently asked questions

What if I decided I would like to install the system myself?

You have the option to install your system yourself, and you won’t be charged for professional installation until your system is installed. You will also be refunded your professional install deposit.

When can I schedule my install?

Once your order ships, you will receive an email confirmation from infintro. In this email, you’ll have the option to schedule an appointment with us. However, you may choose to wait until your system has arrived to schedule your appointment.

If I have an existing system, can you guys remove it before installing?

Unfortunately, we can not say directly. We would need to look at your current system before we can make that decision. If it turns out that we can't, you could either reschedule your install for no additional charge or cable your install for a refund of your deposit.