How are we different?


With our system you can put in your home worry free, with the news about all of the rings and nest systems getting hacks, our will not. We have taken security as a priority and have based the whole system around security!

Why did we create this?

Consumer IoT devices and smart home devices available in the marketplace are not secure. They are not built with security in mind. There are countless stories on the internet regarding smart home devices getting hacked. This causes a trust issue between the customer and smart home device manufacturers because these buyers do not feel safe buying their products.

Another big problem with IoT devices and smart home devices is the way in which they collect and sell your data. If they are not selling it, they are using it to market other items. Your home data is not safe! Furthermore, there is no complete ecosystem for smart home devices. There are different apps that work with different devices. However, there are compatibility issues with some of the devices and even if they are compatible, you still need multiple apps to control all your different IoT and smart home devices.

What did we create to fix those issues?

We've created a fully localized ecosystem using a custom router that will be a public network for all your everyday items (i.e. TVs', Laptops, phones), a hidden IoT network for all of the IoT and smart devices, and a server for the IoT devices. The data that is collected from the IoT devices and smart home devices will be stored directly on the localized router. This includes usage data, camera data, and profile data. Additionally, IoT devices and smart home devices will not be connected to the internet, resulting in a true version of an Intranet of Things. The updating process will be handled by the server pushing updates to the IoT and smart home devices. Also, setting up new IoT and smart home devices will be achieved by simply turning on the device and it will find the network and configure itself to the network and add itself to the server as a tile. The router will learn how you use your home and will be able to make adjustments based on what it learned. The best part about all of this is that all that data that's collected will not leave the router itself!

Designed with Privacy in mind!

As we stated before, all of the data that is collected will never leave the home. All of that data will be used to train the server to learn how you use your home and will be able to make simple decisions for you at certain times, and along with that, none of the smart devices are actually on the internet or require an internet connection.

Why does that matter?

Privacy is a big issue when you are putting smart technology, it can be scary! Not knowing where your data is going or not knowing if your smart device will be acceptable to hacking. We are here to put all that stress of upgrading your home at ease with our solution. 

So how do we do it? How does it work?

The router we have created is two routers and a server in one, the hidden network is a client of the public network and the server is a client of the hidden network.  By doing this and putting this all in one device, this allows us to separate the smart devices and your normal everyday devices on the network thus increasing security. You will be able to access the command center from the public network and control devices via the command center. Every device that is created by it will have that "Apple Magic". Just turn it on and the device will search for the communication protocol that the router provides and it will configure itself to the network. Simple and easy, as things in this nature should be.