Robotics makes the wildest dreams come true.

So let us help your widest dreams come true.


Robotics R Us

Who are we?

We are a bunch of robotic nerds who love robots and want to create good quality, affordable robots for people like us and for people who would need them for household tasks. We believe Robots should be fun and helpful, not expensive.

What are we selling?

We are selling robots for multiple purposes. Including grass cutting, snow shoveling and even DIY kit for people like us who enjoy robots and do not actually know where to start. We also sell replacement parts for our robots so you can get your hands dirty with the robots we sell if you want.

Why we are selling what we sell?

We are selling robots because we feel we can make a great robot with a great quality to cost ratio and give knowledge to our customers on how they can improve their robot or even build one from one of the kits we provide.

What makes us different?

We are using almost all open-source hardware and electrical components for our robots. What this means for you as the customers is that we will provide you with drawing and CAD files for the robots along with the software they are running, along with a very affordable price. Just because we are using open source components does not mean we are sacrificing quality in any way.

What if we are a business and need a robot?

For business inquiries, contact us with a problem and we will give you an affordable robotic solution. 

What if I am a regular customer and want a custom robot?

We will never turn down the chance to build a robot, contact is with an idea and we will see what we can do for you.