STM32F407ZGT6 Development Board ARM M4 STM32F4

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  1. Main chip: STM32F407ZGT6, 114 GPIO, 1M FLASH, 196K SRAM

  2. Support multiple ROM extension: reserved EEPROM pad and flash pad, onboard micro-SD card interface , convenient to expand ROM.

  3. Simple and neat wiring: Micro USB interface power supply, horizontal SWD interface input.

  4. Lead out all GPIO, free connecting external circuit.

  5. Onboard SWD and JTAG interface, support STLINK and JLINK download.

  6. Onboard BOOT0 config key, support ISP serial download program.

  7. Onboard RTC cell holder. After installing the battery can provide power maintenance and backup.

  8. Onboard 8M external crystal, the maximum speed can be doubled to 168M.

  9. Size: 10.35cm * 7.50cm