STM32F103C8T6 Core Board STM32 ARM Development Board - Infintro

STM32F103C8T6 Core Board STM32 ARM Development Board

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STM32F103C8 a main chip, welding on the motherboard
8M crystal (through the internal PLL chip up to 72M) ST official standard parameters
LM1117-3.3V regulator chip, the maximum current to provide 800mA
all the way miniUSB interface, you can supply power to the system version, set aside USB communication
reset (download) button
a function switch jumper pin
a standard JTAG download port, support JLink, ULINK, STLink
a standard SWD download interface to support JLink, ULINK, STLink
the user IO port all leads
a power indicator
a functional indicator, used to verify the basic functions of IO port
reserved for serial download interface, convenient and 5V development board to connect with the serial port to download the program
Dimensions: 35x60mm