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STEM Learning Educational DIY Robotics Kit GUI-Mixly

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1) The  RollbotMicro  kit  is  a  very  interesting  and  suitable  learning  tool  for  Arduino and robot hobbyists. Adopts PCBs as the main structure and integrates all sensors needed into one piece.

2) Provides a detailed instruction booklet (both printed and e-book) and video tutorials on assembly and programming with the code included.

3) With a 5-channel line following module and an OLED screen, the robot can follow lines on the provided simple but delicate map or pasted by the marker pen and tape packed in.

4) Ultra small in palm size, only 90x64x42mm, cute desk car robot, easy to build - a kid can finish it in less than half an hour

5) Supports graphical programming - Mixly, so even laymen can learn basics of Arduino and how to debug RollbotMicro.

Technical Details


RollbotMicro kit is a very interesting and suitable learning tool for Arduino and robot hobbyist. It has simple structure and runs PCB as the main structure of the robot. As it is based on the Arduino platform, we can learn programming from easy to difficult so as to achieve the control of the robot.

This funny mini robot is composed of an integrated PCB, two driving wheels and a universal wheel. It is charged by the rechargeable Li-ion battery and compatible with the Arduino board. Accessories including an OLED screen and an infrared sensor module. In addition, the integrated board contains the control of the N20 gear motor and the OLED screen. This kit is also equipped with a battery charger and a simple but delicate map for you to play the game via the line following function.


Size: 90x64x42mm

Package list

1 * User Manual

1 Set * Screws

2 * N20 Gear Motor

2 * N20 Motor Mount

1* Main Board

1 * OLED Screen

1 * Infrared Sensor

1 * Universal Wheel

2 * Wheel

1 * Battery

1 * 3.7V USB Charger

1 * USB Type-C Cable

1 * Double-sided Tape

1 * OLED Cover

1 * Test card

1 * Black Tape

1 * Marker Pen

3 * Guide Card 3

1 * Map

1 * Screw driver


Check the introduction and assembly tutorial

Download the documentation and code