Smart Robot Car Kit with UNO R3 - Infintro

Smart Robot Car Kit with UNO R3

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  • The most economical and newest robot car kit with simple mechanical structure, a nice system and very easy to install.
  • CD with the best tutorial including the video which brings you to the robot car world.
  • There is an ultrasonic sensor to keep the car way from any barrier.
  • You can install the APP(in the CD) on your phone which can control the car with Bluetooth module.


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Package list

1pcs UNO R3 

1pcs USB cable 

1pcs V5.0 extension board 

1pcs L298N motor driver board 

1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor 

1pcs ultrasonic holder 

1pcs servo motor 

1pcs Bluetooth module 

1pcs IR receiver 

3pcs line tracking module 

4pcs motor 

1pcs remote 

1pcs charger 

1pcs cell box 

2pcs acrylic 

4pcs wheel 

8pcs screws (long) 

38pcs screws (short) 

4pcs aluminum block 

6pcs copper cylinder 

6pcs copper screws 

20pcs wires 

1pcs CD with tutorial


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