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Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder Battery Box 2WD

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Model Number: Robot Car
Operating Temperature: Robot CarRobot Car
Type: Voltage Regulator
Supply Voltage: Robot Car
Dissipation Power: Robot Car
Brand Name: WAVGAT
Condition: New
is_customized: Yes
Application: Robot Car

1.3D installation drawings

2. Upgrade the code disk, improve the structure of precision from the original 10 cells, 20 cells upgraded to make double precision and strength.


Our factory uses a special magnetic motor 130 motor, rather than the general market, the S \u0026 P Magneto, in the same circumstances operating current, torque is two to three times the original cost increase a lot, plus the amount does not increase.

4. We will be using the motor car had EMC test motor.

Some friends found a good time to make the smart car circuit design, connecting with the program is correct, but the chaos is the sensor is triggered, the microcontroller program is not working properly. Check for a long time to no avail, then I assure you, is your system is sent to the motor brushes spark interferes. We had been using EMC testing of DC motors. Interference phenomenon does not occur.