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Robot Six Leg Foot Spider Full Kit with Servo Infrared Remote Control Arduino Learning

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- The 2017 latest six-foot spider robot, uses hybrid reinforcing bracket, cool lights, taking exclusive research QDS-15RO digital metal servo gear as joint. Take multi-channel servo drives and Arduino compatible controller as the brain.
- A lot of hardware and program optimization has been done for six-legged robot. Strong stability support structure design, smooth movement speed can also expand their own various modules, infrared, Bluetooth, ultrasonic, PS2 handle, WiFi video module provides routines.

- Degrees of freedom: 18 steering gear, 18 degrees of freedom
- Control panel: the main control parameters of Arduino open source, providing common sensor routines, the underlying servo driver has been written, directly call instruction can control a plurality of steering gear, steering gear with deviation of storage, action group speed, steering direction adjustment exclusive technology
- The servo parameters: 8.4v lithium battery support direct access, without step-down circuit, digital jitter, resistance to burn, blocking protection, long service life, large torque, full metal gear, weight 60g, torque 17kg


- Overall dimensions: when standing upright, 430*450*180mm
- Weight: when install finished, 1950g
- Body material: 1.5mm thick aluminum alloy U frame and sink gold glass fiber board, that is, to ensure the strength, but also enhance the value of the color, with a large thickness of the foot 3mm shock absorbing rubber pad

Package list

- 1  x   The six-foot spider robot kit (Assembled)

(battery is not included)


None Needed.