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Remote Control Robot Smart Car Kit Ultrasonic Line Follower Sensor IR Receiver

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1)A complete robot kit for Arduino - for better learning, an elaborately-written user manual, detailed assembly tutorials, and schematic diagrams are provided.

2)With the sample sketches provided, you can control the car remotely via IR module, and make it follow lines, track hand and avoid obstacle.
3)Many I/O ports reserved on the Sensor Shield for you to install more sensors for function extension.
4)Gives interesting experience of assembly - you can really build a robot from scratch and make it move as you want, which is great achievement! 
5)Working Voltage: 7V-12V; ; Powered by two 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries

This smart car robot kit is a great platform to get started with robots. What we provide are multiple parts, instructions and code needed, so you need to assemble them by yourself, with the help of the user guide. During the course you can thus enjoy the fun of making!
Based on the manual in the kit package, you can make the car all by yourself and then create your own sketch to realize different movements of the car as you want. It supports remote control, line following, hand tracking and obstacle avoidance. For further exploration, a sensor shield is used so that there can be more I/Os from the SunFounder Uno, to which more parts can be connected.


Size: 280 x 153 x 83mm

Package list

1 Set x Acrylic Plate
1 set x Screws
1 x Tower Pro MG995 Micro Servo 
2 x Gear Motor
2 x Driven Wheel
2 x Driving Wheel 
1 x SunFounder Uno
1 x Sensor Shield 
1 x DC Motor Driver Module 
1 x Step-down DC-DC Converter Module
1 x Switch Module 1
1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module
1 x Line Follower Module 
1 x IR Receiver Module 
1 x IR Remote Controller
1 x 18650x2 Battery Holder
1 x Ribbon (13cm)
1 x USB Data Cable (1m) 
1 set x Jumper Wires
1 x Cross Screwdriver 
1 x Cross Socket Wrench
1 x Heat Shrink Tube