DIY Robot Kit For Arduino Nano Beginners STEM Education with Detailed Manual - Infintro

DIY Robot Kit For Arduino Nano Beginners STEM Education

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1. STEM EDUCATION - Perfect choice for beginners to learn robotics, electronics and program.

2. BIONIC ROBOT - The robot walks with 4 legs like a Lizard, so as its name. You can program on it to change its gestures and directions. 

3. EASY CODING - You can learn how to code faster and easier with visual programming language software.

4. REMOTE CONTROL - With the IR receiver module, you can control the robot to move.

5. EASY OPERATION - Attached with assemble instruction, it is easy and repeatable to assemble also quality guarantee.


This is a bionic robot - Lizard. Three servos control it to walk, the walk shape is imitate Lizard and looks flexible and vivid. Infrared module is equipped, you can control the Lizard walk by the remote controller.

Provided with two program languages, For Arduino code and visual programming language - Mixly. Mixly for simple program and for Arduino code for functions expand.


Size: 15cm x 10cm x 5cm

Package list

8 x M1.2 x 4mm Self-tapping Screw

6 x M2 x 10 Screw  

4 x M2 x 14 Screw  

14 x M2.5 x 8 Screw  

16 x M2.5 x 10 Screw  

4 x M3 x 6 Screw  

6 x M3 x 12 Screw  

8 x M2 Nut  

16 x M2.5 Nut  

6 x M3 Self-locking Nut  

8 x M2.5*13 Copper Standoff  

1 x M3 x 25 Red Aluminum Standoff  

3 x 9g SF0180 Servo  

1 x SunFounder Nano board  

1 x Expansion board  

1 x 2S battery  

1 x Cable Spiral Wrap  

1 x Velcro Tape(Length 35mm)  

1 x Mini USB Cable  

1 x IR Remote Control  

1 x IR Receiver Module

1 x 3Pin-Anti-reverse Cable  

1 x 2S Lithium Battery USB Charger Cable  

1 x Phillips Screw Driver  

1 x Cross Socket Wrench  


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