D2-1 Intelligent Tracking Line Smart Car Kit TT Motor Electronic DIY Kit

D2-1 Intelligent Tracking Line Smart Car Kit TT Motor Electronic DIY Kit

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There is a 16 mm wide black runway in the white field. Our tracking car can drive along the black
runway automatically.No matter how the runway is bent, the car can be driven automatically. We all
know that the reflectivity is different when the light source to the white objects and black
objects. Here we use a red light source. The light is reflected through the ground to the photoresistor.
By detecting the resistance of the photosensitive resistor can determine whether the car is driving
 in the white area. If the detection is a black runway, then the car to change the direction of driving
 and the motor will slow down or even stop and Red LED OFF on PCB front side. Drive the car in the
opposite direction so that the car is always running along the runway



Size: 4.13"x3.34"x1.81''

Package list

1 x LM393
1 x IC Socket
2 x Electrolytic Capacitors(C1,C2 )
2 x Potentiometers(R1,R2)
4 x 51ohm Metal Film Resistances(R5,R6,R11,R12)
2 x 1K Metal Film Resistances(R7,R8)
2 x 10ohm Metal Film Resistances(R9,R10)
2 x 3.3K Metal Film Resistances(R3,R4)
2 x Photoresistors(R13,R14)
2 x Red LEDs(D1,D2)
2 x White LEDs(D4,D5)
2 x S8550(Q1,Q2)
1 x Self-Locking Switch
2 x DC Motors
2 x Wheels
2 x Tires
2 x Screws
2 x Nuts
1 x Screw Cap
4 x Cables
1 x Battery Case
1 x PCB D2-1 Mainboard


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