Bluetooth Module HM-10 - Infintro

Bluetooth Module HM-10

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Input voltage: 3.3V/5V only needs a set of power supply.   
 Built in level conversion function.   
 If you use MCU 5.0V and Bluetooth module communication, 5.0V power supply port, TX RX logic level 5V   
 If you use MCU 3.3V and Bluetooth module communication, 3.3V power supply port, TX RX logic level 3.3V   
 RX, Bluetooth module serial receiver and TXD MCU connection.   
 TX, Bluetooth module serial port and RXD MCU connection.   
 GND, ground terminal   
 3.3V, power supply side 3.3V power supply   
 5V, power supply side 5V power supply

Works with iOS and Android