BIBO2 touch X laser

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BIBO2 touch X laser: BIBO2 touch X + Laser engraving function. Now order the BIBO2 touch X laser, we will send the WIFI module as a gift (will be pre-installed on the printer).

BIBO2 touch X laser is the most featured printer among BIBO series 3D printers. It is, of course, a 3D printer. But it's also a laser engraver, too, permitting the ability to engrave on wood or even cut paper and cardboard. Not every 3D printer has such an extra feature and those that do often cost far more than this machine.

1=3?  Yes, 1 × BIBO2 touch X laser =1 × laser engraving machine+2 × 3D printers (copy printing can print two same objects at the same time)

Usually, BIBO 3D printer’s laser can do engraving on paper(colored paper is better), wood, leather, acrylics, and many other materials, but can’t engrave on metal and glass.