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6WD Metal Robot Cross-country Chassis DIY Platform

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Type: Voltage Regulator
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Product Introduction     The following are the same as the picture "

Newly designed 6WD Mobile platform, vehicle use 2mm Aluminum alloy one-time stamping molding, the surface and then aluminum spray treatment.Only high speed direct current motor (original 17000 Speed), with 1:34 All-metal gear box, so that the car to obtain a strong off-road performance.

Damping design is the biggest highlight of the car, using hydraulic spring shock absorber is fixed to connect the motor to the upper body, so that the platform has a better road through capacity, especially for some complex bumps.

6WD The mobile platform can be installed with different types of control boards or controllers, such as Uno Or raspberry pi. On the chassis used 3mm Of the mounting holes, horizontal 12mm, Vertical 14mm The pitch can be installed in a wide variety of sensors, or additional features such as installing a robot. The upper floor is reserved UNO Platform, raspberry platform installation hole.

Product parametersThe following are the same as the "
  • Vehicle size:28 * 21 * 11.5cm
  • Vehicle quality:1.4kg
  • Maximum load:6kg
  • Operating Voltage:12V
  • Rated current:350mA * 6
  • Motor original speed:17000rpm
  • Output shaft speed:500rpm
  • Rated torque:5kg / cm