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4WD RC Smart Car Chassis DIY Kit

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This is a newly designed 4-wheel car chassis, and ordinary 4-wheel drive is different from this car with rear-wheel drive plus front steering mechanism to achieve the car forward, backward and turn left and right. And professional remote control racing principle, the use of two rods through the steering servo to control the direction of the car. In addition, the steering mechanism of the rear wheel has also been changed. The aluminum fixing piece is integrally formed with the motor and the motor is tightly engaged with the drive shaft. The motor adopts the all-metal gear motor. If you pursue high speed, As long as the 25mm shaft diameter motor can be. The rear wheel incorporates two flange cup bearings to ensure a more flexible motor rotation. Because of the use of more precious metal parts (bearings, transmission gear, connecting rod, metal motor, steering cup, multi-function bracket, etc.), which is expensive, the user can compare the merits, of course, the market is also cheaper Similar to the chassis, work is not on a level of the. We only have fixed mounting holes for arduino platform, if you are other platforms, you need to punch holes or try to install. motor-specification 


248mm(l) x 146mm(w) x 70mm(h)    Weight: 680g

Package list

Black steering wheel (2x)

Transmission link (2x)

Hexagon adapter (2x)

M4 locknut  (2x)

Latches M2 * 10 (2x)

Bearing(12mm) (2x)

Bearing (8mm) (2x)

Cross sleeve (1x)

S3003 servo (1x)

Servo Kit (1x)

M2.5 * 8 screws (8x)

M3 * 22 Double pass copper column (4x)

M3 * 5 Flat head screw (2x)

Flange bearing disabilities (2x)

17MM coupling D-5MM x2 Gear (2x)

Rear wheel link (1x)

25MM metal gear motor (1x)

Motor mounting bracket (1x)

M3 * 12 Double pass copper column (4x)

M3 * 18 Double pass copper column (4x)

M3 * 35 single-pass copper column (4x)

M3 * 6 nylon screw + M3 nut + nylon column (5x)

Switch (1x)

Tie (10x)

Motor connection cable (3x)

Acrylic Chassis (1x)

Anti-collision cotton (1x)

M3 * 8 screws (30x)

M3 * 10 screws (16x)

Nut M3 (20x)

65MM wheels (4x)